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Going out to a party or staying at home, looking good is no crime!

Fall Season 2010 [Color Palette]

Posted By nancylo on Sep 25, 2010 at 10:15PM

The fall season has arrived, not only has the temperature changed and the leaves have changed colors, but your wardrobe is begging for a change. The fall season is all about color. Nature goes thru a beautiful transformation, giving us a whole new surrounding with new colors, and we can go thru the same transformation. Watching two [of many others] famous designers Fall Collection of 2010 changed my perspective in how to approach seasonal color palettes. Max Azria and Vera Wang, both with different designs but almost similar in color palette, gave me new ideas in how pick out the best colors and designs for the fall season rather than blending in with my new season surroundings.

Max Azria's Fall Collection [color palette] focuses on neutral/warm colors. I tend to overlook these colors when I think about fall and what it is all about. Black is always a "go-to" color, whether it is paired with white or any other color, black is a must! A little black dress, leggings, skinny jeans, shoes or tops, black never disappoints. Light grey and medium grey colors give a cool feel to almost any skin complexion. In Azria's Collection, most grey colors can be seen on dresses.Another item in style is suiting pants, which can be worn outside of the office. Suiting pants in a taupe color [seen in Max Azria's Fall Collection 2010] gives you a chic and sleek look without ever looking worn out. The pro's in buying grey and black clothing items is that you can mix and match it up with anything and everything, giving you a wide variety in season's to come. Cream is a soft and beautiful cool color that will add bring out a cool effect, not only from your closet, but also from your sense of style. Azria's approach to the fall season is one that shows boldness but at the same time a natural feeling in a warmer environment.

Vera Wang's Fall Collection and Pre- Fall [color palette] adds more warm colors and a variation of purple and blue hues that set her designs apart. I love the way she adds to any black garment fur, beads and gold accents, giving it a sassy edge to her collection. Black is the main color in her collection but you won't find your typical little black dress. Her definition of black dress is fur as a scarf or beads, making a definite statement that being creative isn't a crime. You can find purple, navy, teal, dark red and even whites, giving you a wide variation of colors that will add some depth and definition to your closet and to your body. Don't be afraid to be go wild. In fashion there are no limits but let it be worth complementing, don't make a fool out of yourself. What I've learned about Wang's Collection is to not be afraid to layer up.You can have a black dress paired up with some pearl necklaces and a fur bag and you are good to go! Your clothes should to the talking this season.

With these colors, you can be sure to make a statement this season. Remember that if your outfit is a dark color[black, teal, purple, dark red] your makeup should be clean, natural with a hint of a bronze or metallic color. If your outfit is light colored[cream, pink, taupe or light grey] give your lips a bold red color to give a more classic look or give yourself a smokey eye that will look sexy and modern. Your nails also need attention. Black, maroon, brown, cream, red and purple nails go beautifully with this color palette. Be bold, be beautiful and don't blend in this season.

Tips on looking good on a Budget

Posted By nancylo on Sep 25, 2010 at 1:18AM



We are all guilty. We own at least one closet item from a notorious fashion designer. Us girls love designer clothes, perfumes, shoes, you name it! But can we really afford it?
I've been searching in my closet hoping the clothing fairy has dropped by, but I keep seeing the same clothes. A few weeks ago I began to wonder if one of my favorite shirts [when I was a child] still existed, and right I was. When I found my shirt in the back of my closet I saw many clothes from my childhood and when I was in junior high. I could say that physically I've stayed the same because all of my "old" clothes still fit me. I took all of those clothes and began to layer it with skinny jeans and new tank tops and, voilà, a whole new wardrobe. Sometimes we don't have to go to the mall and buy new clothes, just go to your closet and start layering.

Being  on a budget doesn't mean that you will go hungry to spend that money on  your favorite Jimmy Choo®. Being on a budget means seeking for the

"Clearance" or "Sale" sign. Looking for a item on sale doesn't mean that you have no sense of style. Depending on the store there is a possibility you will find

something you like that's in fashion and, the magic words, it's on sale. Clothes can be easy, shoes on the other hand is a bit more difficult. If there is

something I hate more than a Vera Wang® dress paired some Crocs® it's the smell of fake shoe making.However, some of those "fake shoes" can be

bought and at home you can become a designer. You just need some crazy glue, glitter or buttons and ribbons. Be creative! Shoes are the only exception

when it comes to splurging. Save up a little and buy your favorite shoes, no crime in that! Accessorizing can be both easy and a bit difficult. Us girls love

diamonds and the bigger the better. Lately pearls and vintage jewelry have become a fashion must. Talk with your mother or grandmother, most likely they

have a pair of pearl earrings, a necklace or even a set of pearl accessories. Depending on how picky you are with your jewelry the fuller or emptier your wallet

will be.

Another tip in looking good on a budget is spending your money wisely. This means visualize how many times you will use the item or if you are buying it

because you like it or because everyone else has it. For example, my drawer is filled with sunglasses, but I don't like to wear them. Every time I see sunglasses

[unless I stumble across Ray Bans®] I instantly know that I won't wear them. Think of the many ways you can layer your item, if it's a blouse visualize them

paired up with your favorite skinny jeans at home or a cute pencil skirt you would use on a date. Again, be creative! If you are buying a dress try not to go

overboard. Another example, buy a little black dress. If your purpose of buying the dress is because you have a date buy bold jewelry or add a blazer over it.

That same dress could be transformed into a day dress with cute flats and a bold ring as an accessory. One mistake that we often make is buying an item

just because it's in style. Never buy something because you want to look like everyone else, be unique add your own twists. Remember at home you may have

an old T-shirt that will go perfectly over the trousers you are looking at.

For hair and makeup it's another story. I only go to the beauty salon to trim the ends of my hair. The internet is full of hair and makeup tutorials that teach you

how to style your hair and do your makeup. On Youtube® you can find almost any hairstyle and makeup tips you can imagine along with reviews on different

products and, most of the time, price comparison. Thank God for Youtube® !

Hair products is a difficult as buying shoes. Blow dryers and flat irons are a must. If you know where to look you may get good prices, if not look for reviews.

You never know, a $20 dollar blow dryer may be better than a $150 blow dryer. Read the reviews and don't buy an item because it's expensive. Just because

it's expensive doesn't always means it's a good investment. The same rule applies to  flat irons. I own a $60 flat iron that's 4 years old and still works wonders

on my hair. One of my friends bought a CHI flat iron and it's the third flat iron of the same brand in less than 2 years. Again because it's expensive doesn't

mean that it will last an eternity. Hair products such as shampoo, conditioners and other styling products don't have to come from a salon's shelf, L'Oreal and

Garnier Fructis have amazing cheap hair products along with amazing results. I'll say it once and i'll say t again, read the reviews 'cause it may come in handy.

Makeup is tricky when it come to buying. Our skin color and the different types  we have makes it tricky to pick out good makeup. I would love to have

Bobbi Brown® makeup with some MAC® brushes but, of course, I've found [reading reviews] cheaper brushes and makeup that give the same results. Drug

store makeup can both be a good deal or just make you angry with the results. I've found that L'Oreal True Match Foundation®makeup [since it's formulated

with french technology] gives the face a flawless complexion. For lipcolor L'Oreals Infallible Lip Color® is the best lip color known to mankind [or the best lip

color known in my world] It stays on all day, it's a bit pricey but it's worth every penny. Always try your best to pick from different brands. Other than makeup,

always remember to buy makeup remover. If you want a flawless face take care of it.

Other than the internet, magazines such as Seventeen®, Marie Claire®, Elle®, Vogue®, Teen Vogue®, Vanity Fair® and many others give you tips on new

fashion trends. At the same time you'll fantasize of wearing Jimmy Choo® with a black Chanel® handbag and a beautiful Michael Kors®dress paired with

Tiffany's and Co. jewelry.

Now keeping my feet on the ground, always remember to look in your closet, what you thought back in the days wasn't your style might be in style now.

Dust it off, wash it and layer it up with your current clothes. When you are in your favorite store go to the "sale" section, you never know what you may find in a

affordable price or even buy more things with the same budget. Never buy anything you may never use and please, never go hungry! When picking out shoes,

take a deep breath and get those cheap shoes, glam them up and make them like you like them. You never know, maybe people will start bringing over their

shoes. Accessorizing means going into your mother's jewelry box [with her permission] and get those pearl earring that goes perfectly with your black dress.

For hair and makeup, do it yourself and read the reviews, it always comes in handy. Be bold, be beautiful and come out the store with change in your pocket.

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